2018 Celebrate Ceres Wine Tasting Event 9/12/18
2018 Celebrate Ceres Wine Tasting Event 9/12/18
2018 Celebrate Ceres Wine Tasting Event 9/12/18
2018 Celebrate Ceres Wine Tasting Event 9/12/18

2018 Celebrate Ceres Wine Tasting Event 9/12/18

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Come “Celebrate Ceres” and take part in our second Riedel® Wine tasting seminar benefiting the restoration of the Missouri State Capitol. On Wednesday, September 12th, at 6:30 PM, the historic House Chamber will be the stately setting for this unique experience, followed by a hors d‘oeuvre reception and auction of exclusive prints specially selected by the Missouri State Capitol Commission and featuring the outstanding artwork of the Capitol.  This year's ticket donations will benefit the continued preservation of the capitol art collection and also support the needs of the Missouri State Museum, located within the Capitol building.


For nearly 100 years, an elegant bronze figure has presided over the Missouri State Capitol and the city that surrounds it. 

The original designers of the 1917 Capitol believed it fitting that a female form be placed at the top of the newly-constructed statehouse. It was therefore appropriate that Ceres, the Roman goddess of grain and agriculture, was later selected to represent the State's diverse and rich agricultural presence as a visible and enduring figure cast in bronze.  On October 29, 1924, Ceres was hoisted to her position atop the Lantern of the Capitol, some 250 feet above the base of the building.

Although from ground level, Ceres appears diminutive, her looks are deceiving. At approximately 20 feet tall and weighing an estimated two tons, she was sculpted by Iowa native Sherry Fry, and was possibly modeled after Audrey Munson--one of the nation's first silent movie stars and popular artistic model. 

For many decades, Ceres has remained in her position--weathering the changing seasons and the passage of time—her gaze perpetually serene and her hand outstretched toward the people of Missouri. Now, nearly 100 years after she was installed, Ceres will be receiving renewed attention. In the coming months, the guardian of the Capitol will be temporarily removed for cleaning and repair as part of a major project to repair and conserve the exterior stone and bronze monuments of our century-old Capitol.  

On September 12, we invite you to be a part of this historic effort to preserve this monumental building and its outstanding collection of sculptures, murals and stained glass.  Please join us as we observe the accomplishments of the past century and celebrate the progress of the 21st Century State Capitol Restoration Project.