About the FMSC

Welcome to the Friends of the Missouri State Capitol (FMSC).  The Missouri State Capitol Commission created the FMSC as the non-profit arm of that Commission.  The authorizing statutes of the Missouri State Capitol Commission specifically authorize the Commission to “…assure the future preservation, improvement, expansion, renovation, restoration, and integrity of the capitol and to preserve the historical significance of the capitol…” Furthermore, state law allows the commission to accept gifts, bequests, donations and grants that can be used “for repairs, refurbishing, or to create art, exhibits, decorations, or other beautifications or adornments to the capitol or its grounds.”  As a federally approved 501 C 3 nonprofit, the FMSC provides donors an opportunity to reap the benefits of tax deductions from their gifts that donations directly to the Missouri State Capital Commission does not allow.  The mission of the FMSC is the same as the mission of the Missouri State Capitol Commission.

The governing members of the MSCC also vote on projects and initiatives supported by the FMSC.  That membership includes:

Ms. Dana Rademan Miller, Chair, Missouri House of Representatives
Honorable Mike Kehoe, Vice Chair, Missouri Lieutenant Governor
Mr. Patrick Baker, Missouri Senate
Honorable Pat Conway, Missouri House of Representatives
Honorable Shannon “Kiki” Curls, Missouri Senate
Ms. Betty Cooper Hearnes, Charleston
Honorable Caleb Rowden, Missouri Senate
Ms. Sarah Steelman, Commissioner, Office of Administration

Visiting the Capitol

About the Capitol

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